Rockabilly Dresses
In the early 1950s, two unexpected genres of music forged a fashion union that gave way to a fascinating and unique approach to style. Hillbilly twang imparted a flirty twist on the edgy world of rock and roll, and the rockabilly fashion movement was born.  

This distinct trend’s components are a bit mismatched in the most incredible way, much like oddball pairings of polka dots and stripes or navy and black. When something works, it just works. Rockabilly’s juxtaposition of styles was a match made in nostalgic heaven.  groups of rebellious teenagers fighting off the conservative traditions of the 1940s. 

Pencil skirts and tight sweaters replaced modest tea dresses as a more fitted silhouette that paired brilliantly with high heels. Girls did their hair in poof styles with dramatic lipstick shades to match. Ponytails and pigtails were complemented with scarf headbands and short bangs. Flowers often held back face-framing pieces of hair. Animal prints, loud florals, cherries, and polka dots gave dresses more of an in-your-face edge, and the cuffed jean made its welcomed appearance in the fashion scene.  

Of course, many youngsters experimented with the rockabilly scene in modest ways, opting for ankle length trousers and flats. Crinoline petticoats and full skirts remained popular with louder prints and more exaggerated shapes. Pants and skirts received high-waisted makeovers, while patent leather high heels, Mary Janes, and peep toe shoes were the footwear of choice.  

At Stop Staring!, we have rockabilly styles that can add a little rebellion to your closet. From snug pencil skirts to fitted blouses and vintage prints, our styles hearken back to the early days of rock and the movement that gave ‘50s-era youth their swagger. 

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