Meet The Designer

Meet the Designer

Alicia Estrada: Designer, Founder, and CEO of Stop Staring!

Alicia Estrada, Designer, Founder, and CEO of Stop Staring!, was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Alicia grew up in a large Mexican American family of 10 kids, she has 3 brothers, and 6 sisters. Out of necessity and at an early age, Alicia was taught basic sewing techniques from her mother. Not letting lack of money stop her creativity, one of her first creations was a plastic skirt, made out of a shower curtain her mother threw in the trash.With a positive attitude, and hard work, Alicia quickly forayed her sewing skills into a thriving business!

For the first few years of business, Alicia was a one Woman operation. She spent countless hours designing dresses, creating patterns, and cutting and sewing hundreds of dresses with her own two hands. When Alicia began her company, she had no investors, and no connections, yet she never let this get in her way of success! What she couldn't afford, she just learned and did herself. It was this hands on approach and positive attitude, that later proved key in building a successful and lasting corporation. Today, along side her 3 sisters (Eva, Mona, and Sarah), and her husband James, Alicia works diligently to create beautiful dresses with a great fit, that enhance all shapes and sizes. Alicia thrives on building a global lifestyle brand, and building true lasting success! Alicia is living proof that dreams do come true, and thanks God for her talents, and the ultimate success of Stop Staring!

For 2012 Stop Staring! has partnered with one of the largest licensing corporations in the world, to strategically launch shoes, hand bags, accessories, perfume, and so much more! Designer Alicia Estrada will be using her design expertise, and 14 years of hands on experience, to bring her fans the most beautiful styles, and timeless collections in all these product categories!

"The lazy man does not roast what he took in hunting, But diligence is man's precious possession." - Proverb 12:27