What One Woman Did, to Get the Man of Her Dreams, to Finally Propose! ( a true story!)

     Jessica had been in love with her best friend Jack, forever!  She had known him since High School, and she was always throwing herself at him, shamelessly flirting with him at every opportunity.  They hung out together throughout High School and College, but any sad attempts by Jessica to capture his eye, were shrugged off by Jack, as he was always pursuing other women! He loved her, but only as a friend, he had always made that clear!  This cat and mouse game went on for years.

     Then one day, Jessica asked Jack to join her at a special event. She decided that day, that this would be her last attempt at trying to get Jack to notice her, to fall in love with her.  Knowing this would be her last chance, she went all out, she decided to look as beautiful and as classy as she could possibly be! She wanted Jack to remember her in the most  beautiful way possible!  She had always loved the dreamy looks of the women in the 1940s and the 1950s, how they dressed so impeccable, and beautiful. She had always been inspired by the starlets of film noir and those dreamy black and white movies.  So with nothing to lose, she went out and bought the most beautiful vintage inspired dress she could possibly find, it was fitted and hugged her in all the right places, she looked sexy and classy all at the same time! For the first time in her life she felt absolutely beautiful, the dress fit her like a glove. She curled her hair impeccably, parted to one side, kind of like Veronica Lake. She got her nails done in red, and she spent over an hour doing her makeup just perfect with black winged eyeliner, flirty false lashes, and pouty red lips, she was stunning!  She knew she looked beautiful, and her confidence welled up inside!

     When she walked into the restaurant that night, all eyes were on her, the whole room got quiet, She was beaming with beauty and confidence, she looked so elegant in her new dress! Not only were the men looking at her, but the women were staring too! Empowered with style and confidence, she finally came to realize, that it would truly be Jacks loss, for never understanding who she truly was. 

     From across the room, Jack could not believe his eyes, she was stunning, classy, beautiful, she was Everything! Jack had never ever looked at Jessica with those eyes of desire. He stood up nervously from his table, and in gentlemen fashion, he pulled the chair out for her, and kissed her on the cheek. She had never been kissed by Jack, she could feel his heart beating fast, she melted! Still completely in love with Jack, the attraction was immediate, Jack could not keep his eyes off of her, and as he whispered into her ear, how beautiful she looked, their lips met with a most passionate kiss. They were in love! The rest is history, within months of dating, they were married.  This is a true story, and the Dress she bought and wore that night, was a Stop Staring! Dress. To this day, she is still wearing Stop Staring! Dresses, and they are still Happily Married!

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*This is a TRUE STORY, some names and details have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals.